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About Me

My love for photography began back in high school. My sophomore year I played football and I tore my shoulder and had surgery. I took the next year off but i still wanted to be apart of the team so I filmed the teams games. Sometimes during warm ups I would us one of my teammates camera and take pictures but that was about all. The next year I decided i want to be on the sideline and so a friend loaned me their camera and that started my photography career!

After having a camera I could use I quickly began to love photography. The endless amount of creative opportunities, the different tricks to mold the photo into what i envisioned, all this soon became my passion. From my very first camera to now, I am very blessed to have made the progress I have and to do what I love!

I'd love to hear from you and connect! My social media links are below and you can always text or call me at 817-757-6159!

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